For Peace is a holistic initiative to co-create a global culture of peace, positioned at the intersection of personal development and societal transformation. We promote the establishment of a Federal Ministry for Peace in Germany and the adoption of a UN resolution calling for the creation of cabinet level Departments of Peace worldwide.

We believe the key to peace is not politics – we all are. For Peace unites and empowers people who are ready to act from their hearts and rise for an inclusive, just and peaceful world. We hold ourselves accountable and disrupt the status quo by recognizing that peace begins within – taking radical responsibility for ourselves, our communities and Planet Earth.

A collaborative initiative, For Peace is building an embodied, people-powered movement from the bottom up and inside out to elevate consciousness and strengthen participation in politics, policy and society. War is neither necessary nor inevitable. We believe in deep, intentional inner and outer work that recognizes and reflects our oneness: transforming disconnection, oppression and fragmentation into (inter)connection, shared power and wholeness. 

For Peace focuses on cultivating presence and taking positive action, on increasing our individual and collective capacities and competencies to be and work with conflict effectively in non-violent and creative ways – moving from destructive to generative conflict. Our lives being and upholding the message that peace is our responsibility and opportunity, we generate and sustain a resilient culture of (and for) peace – from inner to international.

# Courage
# Responsibility
# Imagination
# Transformation
# Collaboration
# Inclusivity
# Justice
# Integrity